Calgary Custom Software Development Company

Every business is unique, so every business demands unique solutions. There are processes, systems, documentation, tabulation and calculations that can be done in different ways and the requirement of each business varies. It is established that much of manual tasks can be better managed by computers these days. Hence, it has become necessary for companies to adopt software solutions and automate maximum work. A good deal of time and money can be saved by using appropriate software, enhancing company profits to a considerable extent. The need of the day is to offer custom software development services that fulfill the purpose of each company, making work simple and quick.

Dezignden offers a large number of custom software development solutions that will bring about a revolutionary change in your business and work systems.

  • Cloud platform – You can avail of the cloud platform and bring about innovation by blending on-premises infrastructure with the cloud. By bringing a cloud model to your business, you can achieve scalability and flexibility to the existing data centre and applications and that too without sacrificing security and control! You can choose from hybrid cloud, and containers.
  • Microsoft Azure – Azure Solutions consist of everything you need in a complete solution, from documentation to partner resources. Get SAP, SharePoint and Dynamics on Azure. You can manage SAP loads effectively and blend ERP and cloud services. With Azure SharePoint, it is possible to build cost-effective infrastructures.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 – This software will magically transform the way you do your business! You can bring, people, processes and data together on the same platform and create intelligent business applications. This one programme integrates everything including sales, customer service, operations, financials, marketing and projects!

Small business solutions

Dezignden has several options for small businesses. With the mobile business technology, you can do your business from anywhere and at the same time, keep your data safe across locations and devices.

Understanding the needs of customers and developing good customer relationships are vital to any business and have a direct impact on sales and growth. With Microsoft solutions, you can create, maintain and increase these essential customer connections to drive loyalty and repeat business.

Wisdom lies in running a business efficiently and profitably. Microsoft’s flexible technology consists of useful tools that enable you to reduce cost, complexity and risk.

Breathe fresh life into your business periodically by introducing innovations. With Microsoft, you can get an accurate vision of your performance, identify the weak areas and assess the status continuously, driving your efforts in the right direction and bringing about positive improvement in every department.

Dezignden custom software development company in Calgary helps you to adapt Software Solutions and customize them to suit your exact needs. The principle of Dezignden is to get to the roots of a business and understand it thoroughly. This enables us to shape and design, to code and Program software solutions that are customized specifically for your business so that a fool proof work system is established, leading to assured good functioning and boost in sales and profits eventually.

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