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Dezignden E-commerce Solutions in Calgary help you to automate business transactions, accelerating the process and making it efficient

About E-commerce

Electronic means are the order of the day. They have put a full-stop to the services of the postal department. Almost everything carries the ‘e’ tag these days, including ‘e-commerce’.

Commerce is concerned with supply of goods from manufacturers to consumers.

E-Commerce means electronic marketing. It implies purchasing, selling and exchanging of goods and services through internet in which transactions or terms of sales are carried out electronically. It also extends to after sales services and support.

B2B, B2C, B2G, C2C are the various types of e-commerce. The e-commerce process begins with the customers browsing products on the internet, ordering them online, making an online payment via credit/debit card, verification of payment details, shipping the product and ends when the customer receives the ordered product. With increasing trustworthiness, E-commerce looks forward to tremendous expansion in the future.

Difference between E-commerce and traditional commerce

  • Traditional commerce depends upon face-to-face communication, telephones or postal mails. The business process is carried out manually and individuals are involved at all stages. They are responsible for every action that they perform or messages that they exchange.
  • E commerce uses internet or electronic communication systems. Business processes are automated. Information is exchanged by machines. Individuals have a comparatively minor role in business transactions. E commerce can integrate all activities of business from marketing and advertising to services and customer support, even in big organizations.

Dezignden creates for you a beautiful, easy to manage E-commerce website. Dezignden provides a shopping portal on your website so that goods can be ordered online.

With Dezignden you can buy and sell goods quickly with 24 hours shopping facility, reach out to thousands of customers without geographical limitations and at low operational costs.

Dezignden accompanies you through every stage of the e-commerce process, from order placement to delivery of goods. The website allows you to carry out the procedure systematically, safely and reliably.

Dezignden E-commerce solutions in Calgary enable you to create value for online stores. We make high end professional designs and a unique retailer user interface so that there is a robust E Commerce platform. One can cart and shop products irrespective of physical boundaries.

Dezignden integrates a number of types of information technologies to create E-commerce facility –

  • Email
  • Fax
  • Corporate digital library
  • EDI or Electronic Document Interchange

Dezignden in Calgary also caters to internal E-commerce solutions within an organization and external solutions outside the organization.

Internal E-commerce is concerned with improving coordination of business units and information exchange among team members. It is technology enhanced. External E commerce improves coordination with trading partners and market creation to reach out to new customers. Hence, it is technology facilitated.

DezignDen E-commerce solutions enable a value chain from suppliers to customers.

This certainly gives you a competitive advantage.  It is advisable to adopt E-commerce in your business and the sooner the better. The day is not far when the conversion from physical to digital will displace the source of business value.

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