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Master Data Management Solutions

Profitable businesses rely on master data collected about its products, suppliers, tangible assets, and most importantly its customers to make business decisions. You need precise information to make strategic decisions and to capture a new market. All it takes is a trusted platform for Master Data Management because lack of accuracy can sabotage an entire initiative. DezignDen manages all aspects of your critical enterprise data, no matter what model you follow and what services you provide. With the goal of empowering businesses and IT users with the power of information, we provide accurate, real-time data and implementation.

Master Data Management Solutions

Master Data Management (MDM) represents a set of tools and processes used by businesses to manage their non-transactional data. From information about customers and sellers to an insight into products – all constitutes master data. Businesses today struggle to become prompt and avoid overlapping by implementing information systems. Master Data Management solutions help them provide seamless information across multiple channels, get reliable views of masters, help understand the customers better, and increase trust in data.

Companies are often faced with uncertainty regarding the accuracy of management reports, operational transactions, and other important data. Our Master Data Management Implementation is the solution to this growing need for accurate information solutions, allowing international businesses to effectively manage large data volumes.

Our portfolio of Master Data Management Solutions covers:

Data Collection

To provide accuracy, the data needs to be collected from various reliable sources and we provide trusted view of critical information with analytical graph-based exploration.

Source Diagnosis

To maintain the precision, the data collected needs to be identified first and we have expertized in referring to the most valid and complete system of record.

Data Fortification

To enable a mechanism to check which data version is being used in particular systems, the data collected from various systems are consolidated into one record and assigned a number.

Error detection

To maintain the certainty of the data, the records containing insufficient or inappropriate data are identified and sent to experts for error detection.

Data Modification

To make sure that the records contain consistent data, everything is reviewed very carefully or even manually before distribution or publishing.

Data Distribution

To make sure the enterprises are using the most precise version of the record, the master records are distributed to the systems.

Master Data Management Implementation

Master Data Management implementation need not be complicated if service provider and businesses work hand-in-hand. Our MDM solutions fit your unique requirements and can be deployed on-premises and in the cloud. The implementation style depends greatly on your core business, corporate structure, and goals to ensure that you do not use multiple versions of the same master data in different parts of your operations.

What it takes into a successful master data management implementation:

  • Identifying all master data assets
  • Evaluating the current status of data quality
  • Data integration for systems of record
  • Determining the most competent style
  • Selecting a versatile MDM solution
  • Implementing the best style

Maximizing the Business Value with MDM

Magnify the business of your enterprise information with our end-to-end master data management solutions that address the critical business objectives and ensure better customer experience. Our modular approach ensures that your customers, products, and profits grow. Some popular products like Customer 360, Multi-domain MDM, Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce, Relate 360, Supplier 360, Product 360, and Business Process Management gives you a competitive advantage. Here’s how it maximizes your business value:

What it takes into a successful master data management implementation:

  • Supports a variety of industries
  • Reduces cost through a subscription-based pricing model
  • Delivers accurate views of master data
  • Provides improved user interfaces
  • Enhances the ability to innovate
  • Empower businesses to gain new insights
  • Helps identify potential threats

Why DezignDen for Master Data Management?

At DezignDen, we have the ability to acquire accurate data promptly, whether it is on-premises, from third-party sources, or in the cloud. Also, we are equipped with a team of experts who understand master data management, create a trusted view, and securely deliver data for both operational and analytical use. Our end-to-end capabilities bring data quality, data integration, and business process together for mission-critical requirements.

From delivering a trusted view of critical data and harnessing a complete MDM solution across the enterprise to implementing a style perfect for your business requirements, we do it all. We also have solutions for new business problems in the form of multi-domain capabilities and built-in domain patterns. In a nutshell, you have the freedom to choose the edition that best meets your current as well as long-term needs.

Create solutions that drive business improvement with the help of our insights and approach to master data management. Give us a call or drop us an email to find out more about our data management solutions.

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