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Need for a Mobile App Designing Company

A mobile phone follows every individual more faithfully than his shadow. Mobile phones can be companions to fill those empty moments while waiting on bus stops, stations, during train journeys etc. Mobile applications offer lots of entertaining stuff to fill the empty moments – they enable you to browse through products, study their specifications,  place orders, make payments and also track products. A substantial percentage of total business takes place through mobile phones and hand-held devices!!

A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Most of the mobile apps are pre-installed in smart phones.

Mobile applications frequently serve to provide users with similar services to those accessed on PCs. Hand held devices cannot display functions designed for PCs or larger machines in the same way. Apps are generally small, individual software units with limited function.

Dezignden, is a mobile app designing company in Canada. We can be your app development partners to create hassle-free, fast functioning and quick access mobile apps for all kinds of hand held devices. We incorporate smartphone features like camera or GPS. There is a provision to operate mobile apps on offline mode. With mobile apps, you can easily send notifications for new product releases or any special offers. It makes you reach you target audience easily and in less time.

The highly professional team at dezignden focuses on three main aspects of mobile apps: app strategy, app design and app development.

App strategy:

A clear app strategy ensures that the mobile app business succeeds financially, defines the overall portfolio, category, tools, protocols and policies. Sometimes, great app ideas fail because of undefined strategies. Most company people do not have a technical background so they are unable to decide good strategies. But the technical staff and Business Analysts at Dezignden take care of it.

Aspects to consider for a Mobile App Designing Company:

  • Cross device compatibility
  • Biometric identification
  • App category
  • User-base size
  • Nature of the app
  • Target audience
  • Development tools and standards

Dezignden does not stop at developing an app. The company monitors and defines standards of operation for the app, setting policies for development, and ascertains that the mobile app strategy allows innovation and optimizes costs.

Mobile App design

It is through a design that a concept gets transformed into reality. Apple and Android follow their own design guidelines. App designing is the most important stage of app development because while development is comparatively simple, integrating appropriateness and aesthetics in the app is difficult. These aspects are efficiently handled by the team at dezignden. Dezignden has been working with designs in iOS and Android for several years and witnessed many modifications and improvements in them. It is over the years that we have gained confidence to provide the best to or clients.

Mobile App Development Services

  • IPhone apps development – Smartphone lovers across the world are very fond of this mobile device. Hence, it ensures good returns on investment. At dezignden, we have a customer centred approach. We develop rich iPhone apps. We follow the guidelines of Apple coding and define the scope of the project in the beginning. We analyse, plan, execute, implement and demonstrate the app functioning to the customer. We modify and make changes after taking customer feedback. IPhone apps can cater to areas like education, healthcare, entertainment, social networking and business.
  • Android apps development – This is the most common operating system in most mobile devices. At Dezignden we conduct thorough research and analysis to fulfill the requirements of the customers. We create customized applications by using appropriate tools and technologies. Our applications are powerful and scalable for all Android devices. The company data is safe with us and the apps we create are user friendly and accurate. Android apps have a wide scope in various fields like finance, business, games security, e-commerce, travel and healthcare.
  • IPad apps development – iPads are dominating the market ever since the launch of tablets, replacing PCs and laptops on a large scale. At dezignden, we specifically design apps for iPad tablets, starting with design ideas and developing unique features that meet your requirements. Our experts are well-versed in X-code, iOS simulator and UI kit framework. Innovative iPad apps can be used for industries like travel, e-commerce, sports, education, multimedia, shopping cart and business.
  • Mobile apps maintenance – At dezignden, we continue as your partners even after developing the app. We maintain the app and make periodic upgradations. We add new features as they become necessary and enhance apps with new technologies.

Being one of the premiere Mobile App Designing Companies in Canada, DezignDen is well aware of the increasing dependence of sales and marketing on mobile devices. Canada is buzzing with online buyers who prefer to shop online for all kinds of products from safety pins to electronic and home appliances. We enable you to cope with the tendency of this generation and help you to accelerate your business by developing attractive, customized, well featured and highly functional mobile apps without compromising on latest available tools and technology.

For all kinds of mobile apps development requirements including maintenance, the only best choice is Dezignden in Canada. The vast and long experience qualifies us to handle all kinds of products and services. Dezignden is reliable, safe and efficient, insisting on prompt services and reasonable pricing. Our special identity in mobile app designing is providing dynamic services to various platforms.

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