Project Management Software – Plan, Manage & Analyze Effectively!

PMO and Project Management Services

PMO and Project Management Services

From planning, executing and controlling to managing business operations to meet specific success criteria is what Project Management is all about. In today’s digital era, most business players look for Project Management Software to plan, budget, schedule, execute, and report. It helps them get work done on time and plan their project activities, manage resources, assign work, and collaborate with team members in a better way.

Using the right software, you can track and organize virtually any project and enjoy benefits like customizable user permissions, detailed statistics & reports, e-mail notifications and alerts, issue & request tracking, fast file attachments, and other useful features. The solutions at DezignDen are built to supercharge your business operations, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

Project Management Services

Providing expertise to plan, design, build, and manage an array of projects on time and on a budget is what we aimed at DezignDen. With best-in-the-industry services and staff, we offer complete project management in Canada, from initial planning to close-out. Combined with sensitivity to client requirements, our approach allows us to deliver solutions within schedule, scope, and budget. Also, we have the technology, methodology, and right resources that enable project completion.

Project Management Software

To help businesses and people deliver their projects they commit to, we give them access to an all-inclusive Project Management Software. Our tools and techniques go beyond charts and we have an endless range of software tools and features to choose from, such as:

– Project Management

– Task Management

– Task Assignment and Scheduling

– Access Permissions

– Plan templates

– Schedule Management

– Invoicing & Online Payments

– Resource Allocation

– Real-Time Analytics

– Trend Analysis & Forecasting

– Reporting

– Real-time Dashboards

– Team Collaboration

– File & Calendar Sharing

– Mobile Applications

– Chats & Discussions

– Online Storage

– Google & Gmail Integration

– Project Templates

Who Uses Project Management Software?

Everyone from consultants, services providers, marketing agencies, builders, or employees performing non-billable work can use Project Management Software. It means that anyone serving a client some way can use software to schedule, track, deliver, and get payments. It is all about sustaining the highest possible quality, creativity, and satisfaction by using specific tools to manage and deliver clients projects on time. Moreover, with the onset of cloud-based project management software, companies from different field no longer have to work in a single physical location as they can work as a team while dispersed across geographies.

Why Project Management Software?

DezignDen’s Project Management Software improves the way you work by letting you do the tasks efficiently.

  • Plan – Planning and scheduling features for small and large projects to take project planning to a whole new level.
  • Manage Tasks – An all-in-one task and project management solution compatible with mobile devices and desktop.
  • Collaborate – The online project management features and collaboration tools let teams communicate effectively to get work done.
  • Manage Resources – Allows businesses to get project and resource management in one and effectively use allocation and workload management tools.
  • Track Time – Tasks can be updated in real-time throughout the system, time-sheets can be submitted automatically, and progress of the project can be easily tracked.
  • Reporting – Instantly show the status of the projects using real-time dashboards, track team progress, and share the reports online.
  • Manage Multiple Projects – Manage team & tasks across multiple projects and get real-time business intelligence across groups of projects.

Project Management Software Types

Project management tools are categorized into different categories based on the level of expertise and requirements of clients such as:

On-premise software

Individual software

High-end systems

Why DezignDen for Project Management in Canada?

Because, we follow only one rule – one time, on a budget, as promised! Regardless of the size of your business, you are assured of quality project management services, delivered on time and on budget. To ensure that everything goes as promised and as required, our experts follow the compelling process: Evaluation, Analysis, Proposal, Implementation, and Follow-up.

Depending on the requirement of your project, the software can manage the planning, budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, documentation, and decision making. Usually, the best approach is to try out some plans or demo to find out more about their key features and find what suits you best.

Bottom Line: With exceptional usability and features, the Project Management Services offered by DezignDen in Canada is one of the best investments you can make to take your business to a whole new level, regardless of its size and type. Targeted businesses include small businesses, mid-market businesses, and large enterprises. Check for a solution that is adaptable and can be customized as per your business plans and objectives you have.

Get the best project management software to get your team and clients satisfied!