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Remarketing Solutions

Want to recapture those users who visited your website but didn’t convert the first time? Whether you are looking to promote your brand or drive more sales, investing in remarketing solutions can assure the best results. Remarketing (also known as retargeting) is a form of online advertising that enables sites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited their site. If done by experts, it can dramatically increase your conversion rates and ROI.

When you look for remarketing solutions, DezignDen holds a lot of expertize in managing different of remarketing campaigns. From static images, animated images, videos and responsive ads to text ads, our remarketing campaigns (AdWords/Google Ads) will help you get back your potential customers. We can target your visitors using different methods and technologies, including :

  • Google Remarketing
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • Third Party Ad Networks
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Social Advertising
  • URL Tagging & CRM Integration
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Remarketing Solutions

Depending on your marketing objectives and targeted customers, we set up different marketing campaigns to make customers complete their valuable actions on your site.

Standard Remarketing

Your ads are shown to past visitors as they browse Display Network site and use Display Network apps. If you are looking for a decent ROI, standard remarketing techniques would help you reach your audience and convert them into customers.

Dynamic Remarketing

Your products and services are displayed directly to your potential customers who have already visited your site. Taking the campaign to the next level, we display your visitors an ad with the specific product that they viewed on the site.

Device-Specific Remarketing

Your ads are displayed to those visitors who have used the responsive website or mobile apps to browse your website.

Video Remarketing

Your ads are displayed to people who have interacted with your videos or YouTube channel as they browse Display Network videos, websites, and apps.

Multi-Feature Remarketing

Your ads are shown to potential prospects using Google networks and other third-party networks. We show ads to your past visitors as they do follow-up searches on a search engine, after leaving your website.

Remarketing Optimization

Your campaigns are optimized to yield powerful results by using segmentation of target audience, their visits, and past shopping styles. We also monitor your remarketing performance to get maximum results in the shortest span of time.

Why Remarket?

Remarketing is the only technique that allows you to stay connected with your target audience, even after they leave your site. It can be a strategic component of your advertising and help in many ways.

  • Access to people who have interacted with your business
  • Reach people across their devices
  • Remarketing lists for specific cases
  • Large-scale reach and efficient pricing
  • Complete campaign statistics
  • Help customers find your products/services
  • Cost-effective
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The cookie-based technology that uses simple JavaScript code to anonymously follow your audience all over the web, remarketing can help you turn your potential customers into happy customers.

Think of like this: you use different marketing campaigns to promote your products or services to bring visitors to your website, and if they do not make a purchase, you then use remarket your products/services to get them back.

How Remarketing Works?

Remarketing option is available for years that enable sites to show targets ads to users who have already visited their site. Using this technique, you can show Google ads or other ads to your previous site visitors while they browse the vast number of Google partner sites in the Google Display Network. It works as:

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  • Consumer visits your website through ads, search or direct
  • Consumer leaves without checking out
  • We target that consumer through remarketing ads
  • Consumer surf the web and sees your product ads
  • Your ads recapture their interest
  • Consumer visit your site
  • Your visitors turn into happy customers

Why DezignDen for Remarketing?

At DezignDen, we provide you with a powerful way to get back in action and bring back your potential customers who visited your site, but did not convert. Whether you have abandoned shopping carts, contact forms, or online applications, our advertising professionals will work closely with you to formalize a marketing strategy for capturing more of your audience’s attention. Depending on your site goals, our experts will analyze the campaign’s performance, and optimize it to increase conversions.

By presenting your display remarketing banner ads to visitors even as they browse other parts of the web, we are helping you gain brand exposure. To keep costs low, we use a combination of remarketing strategies to show most of your ads to the visitors who are most likely to click and convert.

What we do:

  • Show ads to the right users at the right time
  • Increase leads and sales with a targeted remarketing strategy
  • Extend reach and impact across Google, Facebook, and other networks
  • Optimize spends by targeting users based on interests and keywords
  • Better retention and acquisition
  • Exceptional result via search and display remarketing campaigns

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