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Cloud Implementation Services

Switch to a hybrid infrastructure and maximize your personal and public cloud environments. Our tested cloud implementation services and solutions assist you to move the best work to the cloud and quickly update and incorporate applications. Explore our services for cloud, Infrastructure as a Service, information center, storage and calculate services.

Leverage the best data experts.

Our advisory process helps leverage cloud technologies for your company. We assess the readiness of your organization and develop comprehensive cloud strategies to assist with executing the transformation of your business.

Migrate with confidence.

Our migration process involves assessing compatibility, planning the migration strategy, transferring data and applications to the cloud, conducting testing and validation, deploying the migrated resources, and optimizing the cloud environment. 

  1. Assessment: We will evaluate your organization’s existing infrastructure, applications, and data with confidence to determine their compatibility with the cloud and identify potential migration challenges.
  2. Planning: We will create a comprehensive migration strategy with confidence, including selecting the appropriate cloud service provider, deciding on the deployment model (public, private, hybrid), and defining the migration approach (lift and shift, re-platforming, re-architecting).
  3. Data Migration: We will transfer your data from on-premises or existing systems to the cloud with confidence. This may involve data replication, synchronization, or bulk transfer methods to ensure data integrity and minimize downtime.
  4. Application Migration: We will move your applications and services to the cloud with confidence, which can involve rehosting, reconfiguring, or redesigning applications to take advantage of cloud-native capabilities.
  5. Testing and Validation: We will conduct rigorous testing with confidence to ensure that the migrated applications and data function correctly in the cloud environment and meet performance, security, and compliance requirements.
  6. Deployment: We will implement the migrated applications and services in the cloud with confidence, configuring the necessary infrastructure, and making them accessible to users.
  7. Optimization: We will continuously monitor and optimize the cloud infrastructure and applications with confidence to maximize performance, cost efficiency, and scalability.

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