Tow Chain

Towing Services Mobile App

We created Tow Chain App

A mobile app designed to assist truck operators by providing tow services or repair persons available on the go.


Truck operators occasionally face vehicle breakdown on their journey. Breakdown is something that happens no matter how hard they try to maintain their vehicle and while on roads truck operators need prompt response from service providers.


The Tow Chain project consisted of four main components: a website, a service provider application, an end-user application, and an admin panel. The website provided information about the company’s services, service areas, and contact details. The service provider application enabled towing service providers to register and list their services, receive and respond to service requests, track their location and payment, and get feedback from users. The end-user application allowed vehicle owners to request towing services, track the dispatched service provider, pay securely, and rate and review the service. The admin panel facilitated the management of service provider accounts, service requests, system performance, customer support, and dispute resolution.


We created an On-Demand plat form integrated with other technologies such as GPS, maps, payment gateways, and chatbots to create a comprehensive and seamless system. There were many brain storming sessions around design and the process. Our iterative development approach and great client coordination helped get a final successful product.

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