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Website Designing Services

Professional Website Design that offer beautiful customized website solutions to fulfill your business requirements. Do you know that it takes almost 1 second for visitors to evaluate the worth of your site? They decide  – in just one glance– whether they want to continue browsing your website or not. We at DezignDen make professional website designs that cater to your business requirements.

DezignDen Provides a Wide Variety of Website Design Services, Including:

Graphic Design
Pictures speak louder than words and hence, we develop graphics that specify companies’ services in the most eye-catching way.
Customized Template Design
Under the services, the goal is to modify the website design according to the requirement of the customers in the most innovative method.
Business Website Design
The type and sort of styles for a website or a web portal vary with the type of company it is. We consider the kind of business you have and make professional web designs suitable to your genre.
Responsive Web Design
DezignDen specializes in creating beautiful fluid websites that are compatible with desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
Web Portal Design
Web portal varies from a website and so does it’s design. We design user-friendly and efficient solutions to cater to web portals.

When Do We Start Designing?

When you have your project details in hand, and have accepted the terms, we will send you a site survey so we can comprehend your taste and your objectives. Your reactions will direct our very first style that we will send to you for approval. If you are not pleased with it, we will continue to tweak it till you are 100% pleased. We’re positive that we will zero in on your requirements and choices really quickly! Why? Because 95% of our websites garner clients’ approvals on that very first submission.

How to Design a Terrific Website?

On the technical side, you require a website that loads quickly, has clear call-to-action buttons, and is up-to-date with the latest updates (by Google). Including these components will offer your website a longer online life. On the visual side, your website requires visual appeal, efficient UX, and navigation that is user-friendly. This will guarantee that your visitors remain engaged on the website and will proceed to buy or reach the end of your sales funnel.

How Do We Code?

DezignDen uses the current innovations to guarantee your site will be constantly updated with the latest Google updates and new software advancements. A few of the languages we utilize consist of: HTML5, PHP5, JQuery, MySQL, XHTML, JSON, XML, etc.

Is Responsive Web Design Important?

After Google launched the Mobile Friendly Update on April 21st 2015, they made responsive website design an outright requirement for any business that wishes to appear in Google’s mobile search results page. We can develop responsive sites that work similarly well (and look simply as great) on desktop, tablets, or mobile phones. Our highly skilled Canada based web designers have developed a great deal of responsive websites throughout the years, and we have the understanding and experience to develop a special mobile-friendly site for you.

How Does It Work?

Our enthusiastic designers will discuss your project (business goals, objectives, target audience, etc.) with you in detail, then you’ll get an official proposition with all the information of your project within the hour. As soon as you accept the project terms, we’ll ask you to submit a short survey about your business and your objectives for the site. As soon as we have that info, we’ll begin developing the look of your site. If you are not delighted with our very first style, we’ll keep re-designing it until you are ABSOLUTELY HAPPY with it. While a large number of our clients authorize their site styles on our very first submission, we understand that your unique business goal and vision might need a little more tweaking.

How Long Does It Take?

The web designers at DezignDen are notorious for being workaholic! There have been cases where we actually provided completed sites within 10hrs after the proposition was accepted. That being stated, the scope of the task and the performance you need can have an effect on the time frame for your website. The majority of our websites are finished within 2-3 weeks from the proposition approval and arrangement of content.

I’m not in Canada, can we still collaborate?

We get asked this a lot. Although we are based in Canada, our diverse clientele are spread out all over Canada as well as overseas. That’s the charm of the Internet. We are constantly in touch with our clients via e-mail or phone. And if you’re ever in the area, don’t hesitate to drop in for a cup of freshly brewed coffee!
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Will it fit my budget?

Our expert website design services are very budget-friendly. The majority of our customers would state our rates are “low-cost”, however we choose the term: “budget-friendly”. Anybody who has actually dealt with an “inexpensive” web design business understands that the outcomes can be just as “low-cost”. We are happy to be an Affordable (not low-cost!) website design firm. Please contact us at +1 (855) 855-8467 for additional information regarding prices, or drop us an email at info@dezignden.com.

Why DezignDen Website Design Company?

There is a saying in our profession – if it’s 6 months old, it may as well be 6 years old; that’s how rapidly trends and technology evolve in website design industry. The latest web design trends have made it clear that it’s all about meeting the expectations and requirements of users in 2017. Where the old design trends were all about creating dazzling forms, new trends are more focused on the functionality of the websites. The expert web designers at DezignDen have carefully analyzed the demand for more user-friendly interface design, and predicted the following trends will be the most ‘in’ this year.

In with the Duotones

A Duotone is a technique that uses only two colors to illustrate imagery. Designers want to keep the users focused on the key messaging and site navigation without distracting them with high resolution backgrounds; Duotones are perfect for achieving that balance.

Unified approach with Material Design

Gone are the days when users needed the comfort of buttons on their digital screens to look exactly like they would appear in the real world, e.g. yellow-colored-paper-looking Notes app icon. 2017 is all about using material design that is tactical in function and gives a unified experience across devices (mobile, tablets, desktops)

No Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling technique utilizes foreground and background that scroll at different speeds to appear more impressive. Since 2017 is about serving the users more efficiently, most web designers are now avoiding the Parallax scrolling. In addition to annoy the users due to uncoordinated mouse-&-screen movement, this concept also compromises on the SEO aspects of the site.

Motion for Easier Navigation

Instead of flat and motionless designs, majority of users prefer a fluid motion that makes their navigation effortless. A lot of websites and apps are adopting a design that supports motion in web pages. The Tumblr app is a good example of this.

Progressive Web Apps

PWAs are amazing web apps that make use of advanced JavaScript and HTML5 to create offline functionality; users don’t have to be connected to the internet to use these apps. PWAs also offer a home screen icon and push notification for optimum usability. We’ve been fortunate to have worked with the most prominent names in the industry. 80% of our business comes from the existing clientele. With us, it’s not business; it’s personal. Dezign Den can produce a distinct site that will make your business stick out from the competitors. Begin today and build a site that your audience will love, leading a considerable growth in your ROI. Call us today! +1 (855) 855-8467. Contact Us!